Monday, January 25, 2010

Still Alive...

OMDLJ....First day of Jillian's 30 day shred. Still alive. Mighty red faced, but still alive. Pray for me. (Yes, I do workout in jewelry when I forget to take it off, and Jillian sure doesn't give you a break for that kinda

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bonnie and Jena...old times...

I suppose with aging comes that part of dementia where you only remember the good ole days! I felt like it was the good old days when Bonnie dropped by to visit during Christmas break! My sister is a busy nurse supervisor and Bonnie books for the Ellen show out in California, but when you drop two Mississippi girls back home for the holidays the good times are definitely here again! Loved seeing you, Bonnie, and my sister for that matter! It seems like Jena is out in CA sometimes even though she is only in Brandon, MS! Girls, you are gorgeous! Love my family and my friends!

29...with a year's experience

Yes, I am 30. Geez, that was hard to say! My fabulous friends ensured that EVERYONE knew it was my birthday as well! Amanda decorated my door at school and initiated help from Frankie to decorate my van. Which ended up being somewhat of a school field trip! On my actual birthday weekend, my friends had a party for me at Restorante Guiseppe (spelled something like that) followed by an 80's band at the Celebrity Lounge. It was so fun! I have unfortunately had ample opportunity to use the nerve pills and depends that were gifted to me that day! Thanks ya'll, for a fabulous decade and an even better birthday! Love you all!

I love GIRLS DAY OUT! Mel, Amanda, Beth, and I veged out with mani/pedi's and a great "salad" lunch at Superior last week! Kim and Anna met us for lunch. I love getting to visit without kids climbing on me and interrupting, and I love eating without having to wear my kids food! Thanks girls for a fun and RELAXING morning in town!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Prophet- Temae

Ok, my Temae has been emailing me a daily scripture and it is almost a little scary, but totally awesome, how they have coordinated in my life. The first one was listed in my blog a few nights ago from Galations- remember the "Don't faint" verse... Today's verse totally synced with yesterday's triple trouble. It is 1 Peter 1:7
Let God have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and
watching everything that concerns you.
Well, God, here they are, all listed out for you in my previous blog. They are yours. Happily given away. And I love you all the more for it.

So I suppose this means that I don't have to give my rugrats away to the lowest bidder. My sanity restored, maybe I can go on to greater things!

Shout out to my students who rocked the Dibels test today! Great job, ya'll!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"3 times daily"

OMG, I am sooo crazy worn out! We have finally finished our back room! TTL! We got Ann Cherie moved into her private suite (for that is what it deserves to be called after all the money we ended up spending) in time for her to catch MONO! If you have ever had a child with MONO you understand! She is too tired to breathe, yet her sisters will not leave her alone. Plus, she can't go to school again until next week, (she has been off all this week). She can't do PE for a month and no contact sports for six months. She has blood drawn every few days to check her liver and spleen, etc. It is crazy. Top that off with Maggie's ear infection and L's rash (had her Derm. appt today) and you have Mommy in a straight jacket. Now if I can just keep all the meds and creams and soaps and drops, etc., straight for all of them... Plus, momma was coming over to help keep AC (so that we wouldn't have to take off the next few days) and her car kicked the bucket about two hours into her trip, so needless to say, she is dealing with getting that fixed and can't come here anymore. I know, terrible luck for her, eh. She was coming because Big Frank has had the stomach flu the last 72 hours, so we were trying to avoid needing him to watch AC to pass that virus on to add to our list. (Plus, how crappy would that be to have Mono and get the flu...) Well, Frankie had to read for "Reading with Heroes" today at my school, and since Mom was all the sudden out of commission Big Frank and AC got together after all and watched movies and napped all day. I'm sure it was hard on Big Daddy, but we'll just pray for him and that we all don't get the stomach bug. On the ride home from taking L to the Derm. appt today we drove through a hail and tornado storm. I will have to check my van in the morn. to tell whether there is damage or not. L's dermatologist I am sure has never had children and for sure never multiple children in one household. She gave us two creams (that are "3 times daily" creams- you know how hard it is to remember "3 times daily"), a special lotion, and a special cleanser. I am to bathe her alone each evening, apply the special lotion, allow that to dry and apply the first cream, allow that to dry and apply the second cream. The two creams I am to do "3 times daily" (did I already emphasize that). I do all that in hopes that the creams don't aggrevate her excema which will reek havok on the mulloscum and we have to start all over with different creams. Did I mention it took 2.5 hours to be handed this diagnosis. That does not count the 1.5 hours in Target following the appt. to try to get all of these "3 times daily" creams. GEEZ! "3 times daily" I just want to cry and scream and trade my profession for drug dealer/ drug quality control tester. I swear, I am not making all this up. This is just in the last two days of my life, most of it today. Did I mention the mound of laundry and dishes that never tend to fend for themselves. My rugrats have officially worn me down.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New verse applicable to life...

Ok, I am seeing that it has been MONTHS since I have blogged. So, Happy New Year 2010! Well, I wish life had been on pause at the Reger farm as my blog has been! I have found an applicable Bible verse to aptly explain my existance. It is Galations 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Most of the time I am simply trying not to faint! lol! Anyway! I have started a new trend! I am documenting my daughters' disasters better with the camera now! I am sharing some pics of the most recent Sunday morning. Why do all things tramatic and time consuming have to occur on SUNDAY MORNINGS!? I know it is the devil. And only the devil. I just haven't figured out whether the devil is attacking my family or if he permanently resides in my children. I am proud to say that Ann Cherie got saved a month or so ago, so I know he is attacking her from the outside, the other two??? Well, that is still debatable. Hope you enjoy the toothpaste interior decorating( still trying to figure out how to get toothpaste out from between the sliding doors. Where's Martha when you need her?), room remodeling, computer reorganization, and so forth that have most recently engaged my children. (And yes, L is allergic to clothes, I suppose, because she is out of them quicker than I can keep her dressed! Mom says it's payback!) I had some marker body art pics to share, but Frankie said it would not be appropriate to post. She used brown marker to color her entire body including in and around her back bottom. Looked like poop, until you saw her arms and legs, and face, etc. So hilarious! Probably the best pic, but in order to avoid having CPS enter the mix, I am not posting it. Let me know if you have any suggestions on the devil thing. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY LITTLE RUGRATS, and for me to not faint!