Thursday, October 29, 2009

Booty Soap...

My friend works as my daughter's school. She called me tonight to tell me that my oldest daughter went to school and told everyone at her school that Laura had to go to the ER after she slipped on daddy's booty soap! How embarrassingly funny! Laura did indeed slip in the shower. Frankie bought some new pump body wash that Laura was trying hard to get to pump out. She finally got a little dot to come out, so she reached up to show me. She lost her footing and fell backwards. She bit her tongue terribly. I have never seen that much blood! Anyway! We are well known in our local ER! Maggie was just in the ER on Tuesday after getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her thumb at Pizza Hut after marinara sauce spilt on her. What a fun week! With all of that and Halloween frenzy keeping us busy, it is crazy around here! My poor little wrecked out rugrats!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Soccer Mom

I am really there! I have their names and a soccer ball sticker on my back windshield of the minivan to prove it! My Honda minivan is now the ultimate soccer ride! Good thing, seeing as that is all we do almost every afternoon! We have the windshield decal, a trunk full of water bottles, lawn chairs, umbrellas, bug spray, and soccer equipment, and a middle row full of mud soaked, discarded cleats and socks to prove it! Just today we had two games. Monday night one has practice, the other a game. Friday afternoon one has practice, and next Sat. morn we are up for two more! Fun! If I didn't have to drive a minimum of 30 mins to get to either a game or practice, it might be better! The girls are LOVING it though! And the exercise makes it way easier to ship them off to bed at night! I am counting my blessings on that part, believe me! Maggie played goalie today! She did not let a ball get by her! She was so good and aggressive! She was also a MUDDY MESS! And happy to boot! Such a tomboy! AC on the other hand could have been reading a book on the field (and would have been happier, I'm sure) for as much attention as she paid to the ball! She did finally kick the ball one time to another player! Go, AC! She had fun waving to me from the field and reminding me that we brought snacks for the team, though! (And that is of the utmost importance! I understand!)

I am finally feeling better after having strep throat this week! I got it four times last year! I guess over Thanksgiving I will try to have the tonsils removed! Fun FUn!

I went to a lingerie shower tonight for my cousin Lauren! She got some beautiful pieces! It made me want to visit the adult store! She got a policewoman teddy thing that had two zippers that could be unzipped from the bottom or the top, complete with handcuffs! I don't think Frank and I would be smart enough to figure out the zippers, and who needs complications when it comes to that end of the marriage. So I figure I will skip out on that purchase if I ever go to the adult store. Plus the zippers looked like they would run right past the ladies and OMG if that got caught in the skin...But most of the other stuff was your regular old shower stuff- a few raunchy and a few "practical". She did get panties with "Mrs. Edwardes" monogrammed on the booty. How ADORABLE! I can't say I have ever thought about monogramming stuff on the back side of my panties! Alright, I am being given the TMI look from Frankie!

Well, go love on your rugrats instead of reading about mine! Love you all!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hometown, USA

I de clare, you have missed so much if you haven't visited the Rodessa, Ida, Arklatex lately. You not only missed the Lawn Mower Parade at Ida Day, you are also missing the Daily Crimeteam Roundup Spin on our local news station. The Roundup is a wheel with criminals faces on it that the newsteam spins each night on the news. Whomever the wheel stops on, the newsteam gets us up to date on how they are doing! Now how are you surviving when missing out on all of that celebrity news? I know you are making moving plans as you read. Louis powerwashed and waxed his lawnmower the other day in order to participate in the Lawn Mower Parade at Ida Day! It was a complete success! All types of mowers were represented in the town's annual celebration! I am so proud that we are able to offer such a diverse parade setting in our area. All walks of lawn mowers came together to celebrate their heritage. The entire show did a great deal to continue to forge the incredible sense of community that we know is available to the great citizens and lawnmower owners in the "city". But never fear, you have not missed it all! I feel sure that you will ensure your calandars are updated to include the new camper trailer skirting parties that are all the rage in our neighborhoods! Don't miss out, now, ya hear! Come visit our Hometown soon!