Sunday, June 27, 2010

Out of the mouths of kids after church...

Mags was so funny today! She was talking to me after church telling me, "Mommy, I was soo good at church today! Can y0u believe I slept through all that yelling?" I could not stop laughing! Our babtist preacher gets a little loud when he gets fired up! Too funny! Then my friend Beth told me about her daughter telling her, "Mommy, I love Jesus, but I hate going to church!" (They have to go to "big church" now that they will be in Kindergarten!) So funny!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I be STROKIN'...

This is my first posting post-hysterectomy/bladder lift! I feel terrific as far as two weeks out goes!! I have the best of friends loving me, praying for me, and best of all COOKING for me! It has been so great! Thanks to everyone for all of these things 10 times over!! I love you all!

Today we went furniture shopping. It was nerve wracking! At the first store or two we hooked L into her stroller. She SCREAMED at the top of her lungs and threw her shoes and unbuckled her little belt like the best of little tantrum throwers because she wanted to "walk herself", so at the last store Frankie decided to let her walk and "hold his hand". HA! That lasted about as long as she could wink! She started by needing to go "potty". That is fun because I can't lift her, so M is lifting her to put her on the potty and she slips and L ends up with her hands in the water in the toilet! Then we finally manage to get her up on the potty, and she sits and I SWEAR- SUCKS HER THUMB! I thought I was going to throw up as I pulled her hand down as fast as I could breathe. Then I wipe her up and we go to wash her hands. Of course the girls have to hold her up again for this one. Ann Cherie puts enough soap on her hands to wash Kate+8's crew and then L decides she no longer wants to wash her hands. She starts kicking and screaming and M drops her. Nice! She is running around the bathroom with soap dripping everywhere and I am saying over and over again, "Laura, come back and finish washing your hands." The big girls are chasing her to help me catch her and she thinks it all grand fun! You can imagine the chaos! Anyway, we finally get washed up and out of the bathroom. The "money lady" as the girls refer to the sales lady is happily showing my husband the furniture in the front of the store, just out of hollering range for him. So as L decides to throw her fit on the floor because she doesn't like "having a shoe" (as she throws hers) and wants to "walk myself" without holding my hand, I send AC for Frankie. He meanders through the furniture to get to us- get this- LAUGHING at L! Oh, if not for surveillance and the whole husband abuse thing, he sooo deserved a slap! We spent the next half hour chasing L while trying to sit on a thousand or so more couches before we finally agreed on a set! Let's just say I am hoping I still have some painkillers or sleeping pills left over from the surgery! Well, the couches will be delivered in two weeks! I am so excited! Those rugrats! If I have a stroke one day you can look back through this blog and know why!