Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm tired!

Gosh, between soccer four nights a week and weddings and Crawfish Boil and school end of the year stuff and did I mention soccer four nights a week, I am EXHAUSTED! I swear, I could go to bed at like 6 p.m. and still be tired the next morning. Of course, I wouldn't really ever be able to go to bed at 6p.m. because, gosh forbid, we have soccer and life on speed right now! I don't think we have gotten home before 8 o'clock in the last two weeks. Plus, I think we have at least 3 VBS's planned for June! My girls are doing well, though. L has four new canines and AC still has all "A's". M has gotten a smiley face (being good) every day the last few days at daycare and all is well with the dogs. I think we might make it! Anyway, to all my friends who feel deserted, I promise I still love you and think about you all the time, but you just rank right below the kids (or at least their stuff made it to the calendar before yours did)! HAHA! I think I have a weekend in July that I am free to have an adult night! Now, don't go filling up your July calendars to pay me back for my April/May/June one! Is anyone feeling my pain? Did I mention field day is coming up...These BUSY rugrats, I swear!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soccer Sistas!

Today AC had a soccer game. She was playing midfield and made a kick or two! All of a sudden I look up and she is hugging a girl from the other the middle of the the middle of the the ball goes past her. It turns out one of the girls from her class is on the Twisters team that our Blue Angels were playing against today. When they figured out they knew each other they were no longer interested in soccer. They hugged and had to holler to show their mommies that they had a friend on other team, again... in the middle of the game... as the ball goes past! Too sweet, and too funny! Neither team scored a goal, so I guess they both went home big winners in soccer and in friendship!

Mom of the year....NOT!

Remember telling everyone "NOT" after everything you said. Ok, well you're too young then. Anyway. On Wednesday, I forgot AC's piano books for her 4:00 lesson and remembered that I forgot them at 3:35. Seeing as I live about 15 min. from Vivian (and still had to pick up AC), you do the math. So anyway, I ran into the GAP (God's Awesome Place afterschool tutoring and fun) and starting rushing AC out the door telling her,"Oh, gosh, AC, please hurry. We left your piano books, and we need to run all the way home grab them and TRY to get back in time to even have a lesson. Please hurry. Where is your bookbag?"...and so on. AC just made that confused crazy look that she gives me and said calmly, "Mom, It's Wednesday. Piano is on Thursday." Well, crap. Anyway, not five minutes later we were at the pharmacy and AC was digging through my purse looking for stuff to do. She said, "Mom, why are all these little bags of cookies in your purse?" And I replied, "Oh, yeah, those are from the bake sale lady at the GAP. I forgot to bake anything, and I forgot to go work the bake sale. I felt really bad for forgetting, so I just bought a bunch of the leftover cookies. I am the best mom ever!" In return I got, "You know you're not really." It really may be time for the strattera. That rugrat!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh, the fun of Easter-dresses, eggs, church, early morning hunts and baskets-my girls were in Easter heaven! Mom and Dad spent the night with us after returning from GWL and helped out the Easter Bunny and helped us hunt eggs before dressing us all and shipping us off to church(the girls started with pretty bows in their hair-for about 5 whole mins)! They headed on home to Vicksburg. Here are some cute pics of the girls on Easter. It is sometimes hard to remember that Easter is about so much more than eggs and easter bunnies. I love going to church on Easter Sunday and sharing the true meaning of Easter with my girls!

Great Wolf Lodge-Grapevine, TX

For Easter we took the girls with my parents to Great Wolf Lodge. We all had the best time. The kids swam like little fish! They had so much fun stuff to do in the waterpark and no sunscreen or warm sunshine required! We had a ball! The kids really loved getting to spend time with Nonnie and Boppie and Aunt KK! Here are some cute pics of the trip!

Girls, Girls, Girls...

I feel like that is all I say nowadays. Girls, Girls, Girls... every five minutes, I mean seriously. They are constantly getting into things, whining, running around like wild banchees, or something. The girls gave L some M&M's, but didn't wipe her hands off like I asked them to, so L proceeded to wipe them off on the side of my bed. Gross, I know. Nothin' like a chocolate rainbow to grace you when you pull back the sheets! Today, they were eating chips in the living room, like they were not suppose to, and got into a fight as to who was to get the next handful. You can imagine what the floor looked like afterwards! Fun, Fun! I am finding easter candy paper stuffed into the most imaginative places like the toilet paper roller- while on the roller.... That had to have taken more time than just throwing it away would have...And GOD FORBID you ask them to pick up ANYTHING, the whining is outragous. Needless to say, they have both been spanked soundly (Frankie laughs...well, at least patted soundly) and sent to bed. Anyone ever read the book Five Minutes Peace? That is so me. Buy it for your kids! I also recommend the book I Ain't Gonna Paint No More. Not that my children follow the ideology when next to say the side of the dresser drawers or the wall or something, but nevertheless, the concept is couragous. Economic stock purchasing suggestion: Magic Erasers! My rugrats, I swear!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Multiple meaning words......

Thought I would share a test response from last Friday! Enough said on this one! ( We teach 6 year olds!) At least he did manage a capital letter and a period, and you can't say it didn't make sense. (Yes, he got credit for the answer!) HAHAHA!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Redbud Parade

My girls were in the Redbud Parade a week or two ago. I thought I would share some of their pics with you! They were on the 50's float. The theme was "Redbud Rocks". We rock and rolled and yes, I had to ride the float, too! Lucky me! Ann used to always ride with the girls in the parade! Boy did I miss her that Saturday! I know she was smiling down! Her girls were precious (and that is not a mom's biased opinion). HAHA! My rugrats rocked!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Marriage and children...

As we approach summer every year I look back and reflect on the last nine years. On August 5th, I will have been married for nine years. Now that may not seem like long for you married for forever grandmas and grandpas out there, but to a 29 year old that is is third of a lifetime. I tell him all the time that I wouldn't trade him for the world (...I would only trade the kids to a homeless person after an hour with them at Wal-mart in the late afternoon). We are doing the whole "almost 3-0" stuff like increasing our life insurance and buying a run down boat to toodle around the lake in with the kids (see above pics). Of course I already explained the whole birthdays thing in a previous blog so I won't go into that, but geez, like my students say, "you are WAY OLD, Mrs. Reger!" Yet, I am still young. I look at AC all the time and say, "7 year old, who are you and where did you come from"? (And that is not because she used a permanent marker to do her math homework sheet and it bled through on the kitchen counter...) My children are growing like weeds, which most of the time is WONDERFUL, because I REALLY hate dirty diapers. I think that is why I love three year olds best- they are pretty much potty trained, but lack the Hannah Montana/ HSM attitude! You should see the dramatics the kids can put on when asked to help with laundry or make their bed or such. (Kid throwing herself against the couch... "But mom, I am having growing pains in my leg...I hurt my toe...My head hurts...I am hungry..." The list goes on. It is hysterical up until they get a spanking for wallering all over the living room.) Amazing how spankings clear all sorts of health woes nowadays! Anyway, in my "old age" I am coming to appreciate more, like my mother and father for putting up with me and Temae for giving me books to read to take me away from it all. I have never particularly LIKED living way out here on a farm, but the food is delicious (we plant corn, all sorts of veges,and watermelons and Sherre's muskidine(not how you spell it-how you say it) wine and jam is the best!) and there is nothing like being able to send your kids outside to play and watching them romp with the dogs and holler about how their HERO dog, Charter, scares the HOGS away. You just would miss out on those stories if you lived anywhere else(...I know, no comment necessary and yes, I did say HOGS. For real, I almost wrecked the other night coming home trying to dodge the hog litter (Do hogs/pigs run in litters?) crossing the road. They are staying mostly on the new pipeline that has been cut about two miles from our house, so not to worry, but they are the biggest, meanest looking, black hogs I have ever seen! I bet they would make the best bacon!) Anyway, overall I am busy and happy, and I might have a free day to myself in maybe, say 25 years... Brings a much greater meaning to the song Taylor sang at my wedding, "Grow Old Along with Me". Gotta love my rugrats!