Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time, way too little of it!

We went to eat at a fabulous restaurant called Cantina Loredo and went to see Billy Washington at the Funny Bone yesterday! It was so fabulous to go out with friends! The girls did their part to run off the babysitter by making her watch like five Shirley Temple movies in a row and read no less than 400 books! I am starting to think the babysitter is loved more than me! I certainly love her, why shouldn't the kids!
I have really enjoyed my kids lately. I don't know if it is because I am appreciating my time with them because there is so little of it... They seem to be aging so gracefully. It is so fun to watch L climbing into little cabinets and "hiding" behind doors and in corners (pic above). The stories that M tells are often outragous and ALWAYS funny! AC is so serious and cute now. You can no longer trick her by spelling words and telling her the wrong time to get her into bed a bit early. It has really been neat to have them spread out and to see each of them in action while being able to remember the others doing those exact same things!
Don't you hate finding more "Christmas" all over the house after you have packed it all up and put it in the attic? We have a new pile in the kitchen of things to add to the box next time we are up in the attic, such as the stocking holders, we packed up the stockings, but not the holders! I keep finding stuff as I dust!
I am really excited about this new year! I try to look at everything with positive dreams attached, meaning that I think I can do it all again and better and more this year and I can't wait to get started! I love my family so much. I think that losing some very precious people in my life the last two years has taught me to really value the love that is growing around me everyday. So to all of my family and friends that we don't get to see and to those we do, know that I love you forever and always in the biggest way possible and it could only be better if I could hold your hand and tell you that in person! Happy New Year from the funny farm!