Monday, February 16, 2009

Throw me something, Mister!

You can't live in Louisiana and not love Mardi Gras! We stood out in the cool air for four hours on Sat. waiting to catch some trinkets! The girls had a blast playing in the street with the other kids! I didn't get a picture, but we saw the most amazing motorized ice chest carrying some kids and their dad. It was actually two ice chests with one pulling the other. It was fabulous! I know, I really needed to have gotten a picture of that one! M had a blast calling for beads from Brandon's shoulders. She was kissing his head and dropping all her beads down the back of his shirt! For some reason he didn't want to hold her for long! Amanda and M were being so silly together! Keegan and AC were screaming and jumping up and down! They each got a bunch of cups and beads! Even Laura got beads handed to her from the Queen of Centaur! She was intrigued by all the lights and sounds! Keeping anything on her feet was another story. She spent all day relieving her feet of socks! We had a blast! Maybe one year everyone will come down and we can park a camper downtown and spend the day! HAHA! Anyway, Happy Fat Tuesday to you all!

Polar Plunge 2009 Update

Ok, I am officially not the only crazy person in my family, and people in the south are not the only ones that do silly things for money...hahah! Here's what my Aunt Sharon from Annandale, VA, sent me this week via email... I love ya'll!

"We all participated in the Polar Plunge which is a goofy
fund-raiser for special olympics. The idea is to dress up
like a nut and run into the ocean in February!!! It was such
a beautiful day, but the water was a bit nippy....a balmy
38 degrees! But it was great fun and the entire group of
"plungers' raised over $900,000 for special olympics...not
bad for an economy that's pretty awful right now. Our team
was the Hog-sicles and it was me, Kathy, our nephew
David (Robbie had to "conveniently" work that day) and the
boys girlfriends, Sara and Jessica. Kathy's husband, Rich
was our official photographer. "

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Student- Future pimp...??? Never...

My six year old first grade student walked in yesterday exclaiming, "Mrs. Reger, don't panic! Your flowers are coming!" "My flowers, huh?" I asked him! "Yeah, don't you know that I have to give a flower to all my women on Valentine's Day, it just ain't right not to, but my momma had to go pick them up." "All your women, of course, huh... go sit and get busy on your journal," I replied. An hour later my principle comes in carrying a bouquet of roses and annouces they are to be given one to each girl including the teacher! So my little man jumps up and says, "Uh, Mrs. Tolbert, I always tell my momma to bring some extras in case I forgot a woman, so you just hold on and let me count to see, I know I have got one for you." (I am trying so hard not to laugh!!!) Of course he had an extra, so he handed her the rose and said, "Now, I'm gonna need a hug to go with that. You can't (pronouced Kain't) give a woman a flower without at least getting a hug!" My ever so sweet, penecostal principal looked pale, but mustered through with a sweet hug and a beautiful rose! (I am definitely laughing out loud now!! Oh, if his daddy could only read this blog...) Thank you to my sweet student for his thoughtfulness~

Dr.'s are NOT geniuses!

AC had an eye dr. appt. the other day! When they called her back, she settled into the chair to wait on the doctor to come in the room. She suddenly looked at Frank and said, "Daddy, that sign is so stupid." Frankie read the sign, "Please turn off cell phones before entering!" "Daddy, doesn't the doctor know that if you are already in the room reading the sign it is too late to turn off the cell phone BEFORE entering? That is so dumb. I need to tell my doctor that the sign needs to be hung out in the waiting room." She did have a point. (My daughter, the genius...)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Messy Life!

I mean literal mess this time! As you can see, L had a fine time emptying the tissue box yesterday and my big girls unloaded a ziplock bag of shredded cheese on the dining room table! What fun! I forgot to take a picture of the MOON SAND explosion ALL OVER the bathroom, and no that is not an exaggeration. There was not a half of a centimeter left uncovered in the girls bathroom! (If you have not had the opportunity to buy your children Moon Sand, now is the time. I believe ALL FAMILIES should have to experience this fun! For those of you with grandkids and neices and nephews, I highly recommend this outragously messy toy!) Moon sand is the consistency of wet sand. It won't dry out. It also won't suck up in a vacuum cleaner, which means that you must use wet rags. Yes, we tried the broom to no avail. The sand stuck to the broom and hence spread the mess everytime you moved the broom! Oh, yes! That was the mess to capture for eternity on digital camera and I was too mad to think of taking pictures. Oh well! So goes! I guess it was only a tad worse than the hot cheetos that are now ground into the seats and floor of the back of my van...
I received a FABULOUS card in the mail from Sara! A friend of mine was over with her son and was MOST IMPRESSED with me getting mail from TURKEY! You really have to understand how far out we live to understand the significance of life outside of the Village of Rodessa! Sara, I do love you dearly, and miss you terribly. I would say come and see me next time you are passing through, but I would have to say passing through the UNITED STATES! I know you are having fun! By the way, what does Yeni Yilda...ozgurlugun tadini cikarmaya devam mean? I hope it is something that is not too racy for me to be listing on my blog! HAHA! I sincerely loved my card and feel like the most horrible friend in the world for not being able to call or to have written to you before now! Enjoy your fun time halfway around the world and know that you have all the time in the world for life, so living it now is best! Be careful, and have a drink for me! (Do they have good drinks over there? Do share! Oh, and the egg thing was way funny! It sounded like something these elderly country folks around here would do!)
AC is taking piano lessons now. She is learning the half and whole notes and her first two fingers! We are so proud of her! She really likes taking lessons and practices, in every day... If I can ever figure out how to put sound on this thing I will record her practicing so that you can enjoy the hour of it we enjoy daily! No, we really are proud of her and are glad she is enjoying it!
I hope all is well and messy in your own lives! Mine may need a bath, but I wouldn't trade it for the world... well, maybe a weekend in Turkey...