Tuesday, September 20, 2011

33Miles From Jesus

Laura was so cute the other day.  I was looking on the Louisiana Tech University website, my alma mater, to see what new stuff was happening (and to promote "college" to my kids).  The girls were all sitting on me and around me as we talked about "college".  The website has a feature page called "Tech Triumphs" with alumni that have become successful in their careers (why they haven't called me for a feature yet, I don't know, possibly because I am blogging at work....hehe).  One famous Tech graduate is Jason Barton from the Christian band 33Miles that my kids and I love. When the girls saw him they asked why his title line said "33Miles from Jesus".  I explained to the girls that the name 33Miles was the name of the band not actual proximity to Christ.  Laura piped in with, "No, Momma, Jesus is not far away.  I can feel him when I play real hard.  Watch me, Momma." She ran around the house and came back with a fast beating heart that you could feel through her chest as she stood grinning.  "Touch here and feel Jesus in my heart, Momma. He's not far away.  I feel him.  He can't get out, can he, Momma."  I felt her beating heart.  As the big girls and I laughed I realized why God tells us to have Faith like a child.  He's in there and He can't get out!  As I pray that God doesn't feel "trapped" inside of me, I thank him for never leaving me or my babies.  Thank God for the little moments like that with my children in which he speaks knowingly to all of us.  That little rugrat...hehe...

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